“We speak of men and their rage as if it is laudable. “Men just get mad and push each other and it’s over”, we say. “Women are just bitches; they never let it go.” That’s because we never can let it go. Because where would we put it? What system? What faith? What institution has room? Has patience? Has understanding for an angry woman?”
― Lyz Lenz, Not That Bad: Dispatches from Rape Culture

Almost too Angry to Speak…Almost.

Tell Your Story. Let it Be Known. Expose Abusers.

“Anger is always reserved for someone else. And yet, I’ve been in a room with a woman who escaped a war, who lost her father in ethnic cleansing, whose mother burned her hair, whose cousin raped her. “What right do I have to be angry, when I’m alive? she said.

Anger is a privilege of the truly broken, and yet I’ve never met a woman who was broken enough that she allowed herself to be angry. An angry woman must answer for herself. The reasons for her anger must be picked over, examined, and debated. My anger must stand the scrutiny of the court of law, of evidentiary procedures. I must prove it comes from somewhere justified and not just because one time some man touched my sister. Or because one time some man touched some woman and will continue on and on.”
― Roxane Gay, Not That Bad: Dispatches from Rape Culture